The Japan Institute of Light Metals

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The member is divided into eight branches nationwide from Hokkaido to Kyushu according to the place, planning and promoting unique activities closely tied to the area, in order to advance science and technology on light metals, in particular to develope young human resources.

Branch Map

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Branch Office

 Branch name  Branch Manager  Affiliation  Contact E-mail Address
 Hokkaido Branch  Tetsuya Ando  Muroran Institute of Technology  ando★
 Tohoku Branch  Sergey Komarov  Tohoku University  komarov★
 Kanto Branch  Masahiro Kubota  Nihon University  kubota.masahiro★
 Tokai Branch  Yoshimi Watanabe  Nagoya Institute of Technology  keikin-t★
 Hokuriku Branch  Kenji Matsuda  Toyama University  swlee★
 Kansai Branch  Hideki Araki  Osaka University  araki★
 Chugoku-Shikoku Branch  Sengo Kobayashi  Ehime University★
 Kyushu Branch  Hiroyuki Toda  Kyushu University  toda★