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Reseach Subcommittee

  Subcommittee name chairman Duration of activity
1 Popularization of high-accuracy sheet metal forming simulation Toshihiko Kuwabara(TUAT) June 2016~March 2021(*)
2 Modeling of recrystallization texture evolution for aluminum and its alloys Hirofumi Inoue(Osaka pref.Univ.) April 2017~March 2021
3 Heat treatment technology on aluminum alloys and application of muon spin relaxation spectroscopy kenji Matsuda(Toyama Univ.) April 2017~March 2021
4 Research of defects caused by  micro structure in extruded aluminum alloy Michihiko Hoshino(Nihon Univ.) April 2019~March 2023
5 Aluminum sheet production technology Hitonori Saito(Kobe Steel) April 2019~March 2023
6 Hydrogen in aluminum and material properties

Keitaro Horikawa(Osaka Univ.)

April 2019~March 2023
7 Adhesive bonding of aluminum and its alloy Yosuke Ota(Kobe Steel) April 2019~March 2023
8 Common-use, high-performance and high-reliability magnesium alloys Yasumasa Chino(AIST) April 2019~March 2023
9 Static / dynamic microstructure development prediction in thermo-mechanical processes Ken-ichi Ikeda(Hokkaido Univ.) April 2019~March 2023
10 Upcycling of byproducts from aluminum production Takehito Hiraki  (Tohoku Univ.) April 2018~March 2022
11 Mechanical properties of aluminum alloy in a middle and high temperature range Takeshi Uemori  (Okayama Univ.) April 2018~March 2022
12 Degradation of refractory materials by molten aluminum Yosuke Tamura  (Chiba Inst. of Tech.) April 2018~March 2022
13 High-strength aluminum alloys Shigeru Kuramoto  (Ibaraki Univ.) April 2018~March 2022
14 Structural materials of LPSO or millefeuilles structure Yoshihito Kawamura (Kumamoto Univ.) April 2019~March 2023
15 Materials Informatics Kenjiro Sugio (Hiroshima Univ.) April 2020~March 2024

*:extend for 1 year