The Japan Institute of Light Metals

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Enrollment and Membership

Enrollment Procedures (Regular Members, Student Members and Corporate Members)

Fill in the online enrollment form and pay the membership fee by credit card.

Types of Membership and Annual Fee

Types of Membership Age category Annual fee
Regular Members A:Over 30 and under 60 ¥7,000
B:Over 60 ¥6,000
C:Under30 ¥5,000
Student Members A:Over 18 ¥3,000
B:Under 18 -
Corporate Members   ¥50,000 for one unit

Postage(Please choice one. Either will do.)

  1. ¥8,000/year in case of Air Mail
  2. ¥6,000/year in case of Sea Mail.

※No enrollment fee will be requested.
※Fiscal year of JILM is from April to March. You will be requested full of annual fee even enrollment in the middle of year.The journals will be sent from No.4 issue regardless the enrollment month.

Membership Privileges (Regular Members and Student Members)

  1. Free circulation of the Journal of Japan Institute of Light Metals
  2. Submitting to the Journal of Japan Institute of Light Metals and presenting at the Annual Meeting
  3. Participating to the Annual Meeting and symposia at membership discount fees
  4. Purchasing the Research Reports of Research Divisions, Collected Abstracts for Annual Meeting, Symposium textbooks, and Books published by JILM at membership discount prices
  5. Joining to Research Division activities
  6. Participating to the International Conferences and Seminars
  7. Awarding JILM Medals, Awards and Prizes

Membership Privileges (Corporate Members)

  1. Complimentary copies of the Journal of The Japan Institute of Light Metals
  2. Complimentary copies of Collected Abstracts for Annual Meeting
  3. Complimentary copies of Symposium textbook
  4. Complimentary copies of Seminar textbook
  5. Complimentary copies of Research Reports of Research Divisions
  6. Complimentary copies of Proceedings of the International Conferences
  7. Listing on the Corporate Members List in Journal of The Japan Institute of Light Metals once a year
  8. Participating of Corporate Members’ employees to JILM events at membership discount fee
  9. Linking to Corporate Members’ official website from JILM website
  10. Joining to Research Division activities with attending fee

Note: Number of complimentary copies may be altered with units of membership contract.