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Presidential Greeting 2019

Welcome to The Japan Institute of Light Metals (JILM). JILM is a unique academic society for the science and technology on Light Metals such as aluminum, magnesium and titanium. JILM was established in 1951 as the Research Society of Light Metals to promote the scientific and technological activities in the field of Light Metals. JILM has developed steadily with the active supports by the academic and industrial members and has contributed to the continuous advances in the related industries in Japan since the establishment.

The activity of JILM covers all aspects of Light Metals along the process chain, their applications and their science to advance the knowledge of the related field with fundamental studies and practical solutions. Our activities include workshops and biannual conferences, organizing the international conference in the East Asia region ‘ALMA’, publication of academic journals and books, conducting research and study, awarding to superior research achievements, international communication with abroad related societies. The Research committee has newly comprised 19 research teams to open for JILM members this year. With our activities we expect to help our members in industry, university and national laboratories from all over the world.

To establish a sustainable society with vitality in future we are required to create innovations in the Light Metals field, collaborating with domestic and overseas societies covering related fields. JILM are as strong and as active as the members who participate in it, so we are constantly looking for new members to help us. I invite you to join us to develop the unique society on Light Metals together with us.


President and C.E.O.
Nippon Light Metal Holdings Company, Ltd.