What is ALMA


The History of ALMA (Asian Light Metals Association) and ICP (International Communication Program on Light Metals)

Time Date Sponsor Region and Place Participating Regions Meeting and Activities
13 Nov./10-11/2023 Japan Tokyo Metropolitan University Minami-Osawa Campus
ALMA Meeting 2023
ALMA Forum 2023
12 Nov./11-13/2022 Japan Tokyo Institute of Technology Ookayama Campus
Tokyo, Japan
Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Australia, Thailand ALMA Meeting 2022 Postponed
ALMA Forum 2022 Postponed
11 Nov./6-7/2020 Japan Tokyo Metropolitan University Hino Campus
Tokyo, Japan
Japan, korea, Taiwan, China, Australia, Thailand ALMA Meeting 2020 Held Online
ALMA Forum 2020 Cancelled
10 Nov./9-10/
Japan Shibaura Institute of Technology Toyosu Campus
Tokyo, Japan
Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Australia ALMA Meeting 2018
ALMA Forum 2018
9 Aug./6/
Japan Kyoto TERRSA, Kyoto, Japan Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Australia, Norway ALMA Meeting 2016
ALMA Forum 2016
8 Nov./14/
Japan Koyamadai-kaikan, Tokyo, Japan Japan,Korea,Taiwan,China,Australia ALMA Meeting 2014
ALMA Forum 2014
7 Nov./9/
Japan Chiba Institute of Technology Japan,Korea,Taiwan,China,Australia ICP Meeting
AFLM2012―Asian Forum on Light Metals 2012
6 Oct./27/
China Shangri-La Hotel in Guilin Japan,Korea,Taiwan,China,Australia Asian Forum on Light Metals (AFLM) 2010
Various Processes and Alloy Technologies for Aluminium, Titanium, and Magnesium
5 Jun./29/
Australia Sofitel Gold Coast Hotel in Broadbeach, Queensland Japan,Korea,Taiwan,China,Australia ICP Meeting
The Recent Circumstances about Light Metals in our 5 Regions
4 Nov./5/
Korea Ramada Plaza Hotel in Jeju-do Japan,Korea,Taiwan,China,Australia Asian Forum on Light Metals (AFLM) 2008
3 Dec./05/
Taiwan Ambassador Hotel in Kaohsiung Japan,Korea,Taiwan Asian Forum on Light Metals (AFLM) 2007
2 Nov./19/
Japan Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo Japan,Korea,Taiwan Symposium (Asia mini-Forum)
Planning of Asian Forum in 2007
1 Mar./4/
Japan Japan Aluminium Association in Tokyo Japan,Korea,Taiwan Startup Meeting
Basic Policy of ICP and the Future Schedule



What is ALMA?

Asian Light Metals Association (ALMA) is a platform for scientists, engineers, graduate students and students engaged in light metals such as aluminum, magnesium and titanium. ALMA provides them to come and see each other sharing time, new idea, new findings or current items to be deeply discussed.

ALMA which was initially called International Communication Program (ICP) was proposed by Japan Institute of Light Metals (JILM) in 2005, and then the concept of this association was agreed by Taiwan, Korea, Australia and China.

The first ICP meeting was held in 2006 at the fall domestic meeting of JILM in Tokyo, Japan together with an international special session called Asian Forum on Light Metals (AFLM), followed by Taiwan in 2007, Korea in 2008, Australia in 2009 and China in 2010. As time goes by the face-to-face discussion style in both ICP meeting and AFLM have been getting popular among the members of association.

The latest ICP meeting and AFLM meeting were held in Tokyo in 2012. At the ICP meeting every delegates felt friendship and partnership so that this activity was truly effective for the development of science and engineering of light metals in Asia. Then the ICP meeting decided to rename ICP to Asian Light Metals Association. Now the ex-ICP is called ALMA meeting, and the AFLM is called ALMA forum.           

ALMA is going to provide its members some new experiences. First prize for them is the homepage where academic activities such as international conferences and many links to universities and companies are available. The homepage is a powerful tool for the international communication which was the origin of ICP and ALMA.

ALMA is growing by getting chance to be renovated based on the proposals by its members. Please let it knows what you want to do on this platform and join this unique activity if you need to know light metals.

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